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Dramatis Personae


Campaign Theme

“The Empire of Rokugan has strayed too far from the path of Heaven, and now the gods above will rain down their Light upon us, and the throne will be empty no longer. The Light of Heaven shall rule over Rokugan, and the clan that has failed, the clan who has failed the Empire in their greed and their weakness, shall be cast down for their failures. Dark warriors come, heeding the Jackals’ song. The wind of death shall blow on the breath of a forgotten daughter, and ruin shall come to the Empire. Only the Light of Heaven can save us, and those who will not heed his rule shall be lost forever to the venom that courses through the Empire’s veins.”
- Kitsune Narako, prophetess of the Fox Clan

Three Feet from Death

L5r map Erix_Cale Serenafaye Zanadria Cgreylore T0R7UR3 Oillop SER3NI7Y