Three Feet from Death

Journey to the West, Returning Mirumoto Rai-san’s Body

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Dramatis Personae


During the Tournament of the Samurai in Pale Oak Castle the Bushi Mirumoto Rai took his life to cleanse his family of the shame from his affair with Doji Aiko, who in turn did the same. Kakita Manabu Isamu was asked to serve as his second without being informed as to his crimes, but had pieced it together later when he found Doji Aiko dead in the court yard by her own blade.


After the tournament was over the group of investigators where asked by Isawa Mashiro to attend to returning Mirumoto Rai’s body to Dragon land for his funeral at Shiro Mirumoto from the Third through the Sixth Day of the Month of the Dog 1170. While there the party began to collect knowledge at the library on the different family Daimyo, though it was limited to just their names.

Emerald Magistrates

Yoritomo Sukune returned to the group with a Imperial Edict that had promoted the party to the position of Emerald Magistrates for their work discovering the plot to start war between the Dragon and the Phoenix Clans and finding the real killer of the Asako Daimyo, Asako Toshi.


Daimyo Reserch

  • Hida Koun, Crab Clan Hida Daimyo
  • Hiruma Todori, Crab Clan Hiruma Daimyo
  • Kaiu Iemasa, Crab Clan Kaiu Daimyo
  • Kuni Kiyoshi (II), Crab Clan Kuni Daimyo
  • Toritaka Kaiketsu, Crab Clan Toritaka Daimyo
  • Yasuki Jinn-Kuen, Crab Clan Yusaki Daimyo (Known Kolat)
  • Asahina Beniha, Crane Clan Asahina Daimyo
  • Daidoji Kikaze, Crane Clan Daidoji Daimyo
  • Doji Domotai, Crane Clan Doji Daimyo (Pregnant)
  • Kakita Noritoshi, Crane Clan Kakita Daimyo
  • Kitsuki Iweko, Dragon Clan Kitsuki Daimyo
  • Mirumoto Kei, Dragon Clan Mirumoto Daimyo (ruled alongside Mareshi)
  • Mirumoto Mareshi, Dragon Clan Mirumoto Daimyo (ruled alongside Kei, half-naga)
  • Tamori Shimura, Dragon Clan Tamori Daimyo
  • Togashi Maya, Dragon Clan Togashi Daimyo
  • Akodo Hotei, Lion Clan Akodo Daimyo
  • Ikoma Hagio, Lion Clan Ikoma Daimyo
  • Kitsu Kiyoko, Lion Clan Ikoma Daimyo
  • Matsu Kenji, Lion Clan Matsu Daimyo
  • Kitsune Ryukan, Mantis Clan Kitsune Daimyo
  • Moshi Awako, Mantis Clan Moshi Daimyo
  • Tsuruchi Nobumoto, Mantis Clan Tsuruchi Daimyo
  • Yoritomo Naizen, Mantis Clan Yoritomo Daimyo
  • Bayushi Miyako, Scorpion Clan Bayushi Daimyo
  • Agasha Chieh, Phoenix Clan Agasha Daimyo
  • Asako Bushiken, Phoenix Clan Asako Daimyo (Newly appointed)
  • Isawa Mitsuko, Phoenix Clan Isawa Council of Five Masters (Master of Air)
  • Isawa Emori, Phoenix Clan Isawa Council of Five Masters (Master of Earth)
  • Isawa Ochiai, Phoenix Clan Isawa Council of Five Masters (Master of Fire)
  • Asako Bairei, Phoenix Clan Isawa Council of Five Masters (Master of Water)
  • Shiba Ningen, Phoenix Clan Isawa Council of Five Masters (Master of Void)
  • Shiba Tsukimi, Phoenix Clan Shiba Daimyo
  • Shosuro Toson, Scorpion Clan Shosuro Daimyo
  • Soshi Yukimi, Scorpion Clan Yukimi Daimyo
  • Yogo Koji, Scorpion Clan Yogo Daimyo
  • Horiuchi Shem-Zhe, Unicorn Clan Horiuchi Daimyo
  • Ide Eien, Unicorn Clan Ide Daimyo
  • Iuchi Katamari, Unicorn Clan Katamari Daimyo
  • Moto Chen, Unicorn Clan Moto Daimyo (The Khan)
  • Shinjo Genki, Unicorn Clan Shinjo Daimyo
  • Utaku Xieng Chi, Unicorn Clan Utaku Daimyo



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