Three Feet from Death

Matsu Hotaru Journal Entry 2

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Dramatis Personae


There is little time for me to collect my thoughts, but so much has happened that I feel I must take advantage of the precious few moments I have. I…I’ve lost my father. The house burned a midst the chaos that has gripped Tonfajutsen. There has been the usage of maho, seals and we’ve already encountered the hungry dead. My mother survived, thankfully… She was not at home when the fire began. The image of my mother crying is one I’ve never borne witness to and it is one I pray I never see again.

If that were not bad enough, the Scorpion Ejiro was present and proceeded to fall before my mother. He prostrated himself, declaring he’d failed his duties. My mother forgave him, telling him it wasn’t his fault. Upon realizing my confusion, following the shock of my family’s home burning to the ground, they revealed to me that Ejiro is actually the Scorpion I am betrothed to. It was too much. Much to my shame and embarrassment, I passed out.

Why didn’t she tell me she knew who I was betrothed to? Now I feel like nothing but a fool. To top it off, there appears to be Akodo involvement and I’m fairly certain Handen, Takaaki’s uncle, is leading most of the plans. Takaaki himself does not appear to be involved, but my heart hurts thinking about him now. I’m all but certain he hates me. Perhaps he’s right, things have changed…far too much.

I wish I’d never gone to the damn tournament. I would give anything for things to go back the way they were. There is only so much I can take. Watching my hometown fall into ruin, chaos and corruption is too much… My mother could use my help getting things organized and I’ve taken enough time for myself. And though I am in pain, I cannot allow myself to grow weak, I must see this through. I must make my father proud.

And to think, I never got to tell him that I was appointed an Emerald Magistrate…

(There are a few damp spots on the page that appear to be hastily wiped away.)



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