Three Feet from Death

Utaku Amaterasu Journal Entry 1

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Dramatis Personae


First Day of the Month of the Dog, 1170

What an honor, I must say, to have been a part of such festivities throughout the Tournament of the Samurai. From the moment I swept through the castle doors, I felt the honor that had been bestowed on me and would be reflected in my actions to my people. My gift was embraced graciously by Isawa Masahiro and I could tell was received very well by the audience in addition. I should say it gave me great pride in knowing my work was admired; a simple, yet meaningful, haiku done in my finest calligraphy, a pair of steeds hand painted at the base and a cascade of cherry blossoms down the side were woven in and out of with a velvet lock of mane groomed from my steed Kana. It was later engraved into stone and was to be distributed throughout the surrounding empires as a display piece. What honor! My family will be brimming with pride. Not all of the festivities were for celebration that day though. That evening, myself and some members from a few of the other clans became entangled in a murder investigation of Asako Toshi himself! We waded through the evidence, following false accusations, alibi’s of deceit and dishonor and eventually boiled down to the murderer himself; we discovered that the Daiymo was, in fact, murdered by another Phoenix clan member, Shiba Reikun. Following this discovery, the Crab member whom was part of the investigation team was greatly insulted by this murderous wretch. He then appointed a champion (the Crane duelist doctor who was aiding in the investigation as well) and the Crane took victory. All in all, it made for a very unexpected evening. Oh and how could I of the most interesting events of the evening..I now am in possession of a Scorpion token. Good for one favor..I only imagine at what price….and through my communicative ways It also looks like I may be in a particular position of power over Lady Doji of the Crane clan…After what I discovered that is…well alas, now I must take rest. The morning will meet me soon and I fear if I do not rest my head, I will not be ready for the remainder of festivities come sunrise. -Utaku Amaterasu



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