Three Feet from Death

Utaku Amaterasu Journal Entry 2

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Dramatis Personae


Second Day of the Month of the Dog, 1170

Well that was embarrassing. I knew I should have gotten more sleep last night. However, I fear it is too late for should have’s. I only hope that the other representatives of my clan here did not bear witness to my miserable failed attempt at Tea Ceremony. I have taken a moment to reflect and collect myself as I blot at the tea stained robes I am now wearing. Maybe the others will have forgotten when I re-emerge in some time. I should have withheld from the contest: left my family to forgo the embarrassment. I know one thing is for sure, I will be abstaining from the dancing later today.. I hardly want to be seen walking around in the state I am in, nevermind dancing as such. -Utaku Amaterasu



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