Three Feet from Death

Utaku Amaterasu Journal Entry 3

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Dramatis Personae


Second Day of the Month of the Dog 1170 continued..

So alas, my Tea Ceremony failure from earlier today was a mere shadow of the personal and, soon to be, political issues I bore witness to this evening. Following the deaths of both the Lady Doji and Mirumoto Rai due to their adulterated relationship finally eating away at the two, their lines were cleansed and their honor re established to their families. It was a long trial of questions in which I gladly shared the information that I had come across yesterday following my ‘talk’ with Lady Doji. I don’t understand affairs and perhaps I never will. I have no sympathy for the newly deceased and suffice to say, I couldn’t imagine ever dishonoring another like they have. Then again, I will also try to abstain from getting myself into that situation if I can so help it. Well, off to the Dragon lands I must say. This will be an adventure! I am quite excited. I have never traveled like this before. I am bursting with anticipation. The open plains await! -Utaku Amaterasu



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