Three Feet from Death

Utaku Amaterasu Journal Entry 4

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Dramatis Personae


Third Day of the Month of the Dog 1170

Such weakness. I should have taken a full stance to strike that coward as he and his companions encroached on us from the bushes. I am truly ashamed. Traveling is far more dangerous than I had made it out to be. That does not bother me. I am disappointed in my performance. I know better that that! I missed my target. I should NEVER miss my target. Thank the stars for my new Ally Matsu Hotaru of the Lion clan and her Lionness. If it wasn’t for the two of them and my Kana, I fear I would be in a much more devastating of situations than the debilitating slice I received across my right shoulder. I owe them. Them and the Doctor, Kakita Isamu for repairing my sword arm even if it was in poor taste that evening when he insulted my skill by gifting me with a book on basic sword skill. I am above insult though. I took the book and read every page. I intend to learn. To enhance what I already know and even touch on that which I may be unfamiliar. I am not above growth. I hope he realizes that though it was his immaturity that brought forth the insult, I took from it a learning experience. And maybe I will show him what I am truly capable of one day if it warrants respect from him in the end. -Utaku Amaterasu



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