Asako Toshi

Asako Daimyo

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Dramatis Personae


Toshi, a ronin monk, suddenly found that the members of the Asako family recognized him as their rightful daimyo upon the previous Asako daimyo’s unusual departure. He became Asako Toshi and member of the Asako Henshin. had since been in control of the Asako for almost thirty years. There were rumors that he was immortal.

Toshi is plainfaced but well-spoken, with a smooth, cultured voice (Voice advantage). He does suffer from a tendency to be judgmental and a bit overbearing, and will sometimes stress his points about “peace and brotherhood” to the point of becoming irritating. Not that anyone can do much but suffer through it, as he outranks everyone else at the castle. He also has a tendency to put all of the blame for the current problems on the Mirumoto family, which will likely somewhat short-circuit his efforts to bring about peace. Isamu is a widower – his wife Kaorin died in childbirth years ago. Both of his living children (he has a son, Sokuto, and a daughter, named Kaorin after her mother) are away training in the Phoenix schools.