Doji Yujiro

Splendid Artisan

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Dramatis Personae


Yujiro is a slim, almost effeminate man with a beautiful, musical voice. He dresses in court kimono of supreme splendor, and the white of his long, carefully-styled hair dazzles the eye. He is known and famed as a Kakita artisan, a poet and painter, master of word and brush. Yujiro is here as a willing assistant to the Isawa quest for peace. His every word and gesture is a calculated act of perfection – even more than most samurai, he wears a public mask, and there is nothing natural or spontaneous about him.

He is charming, but it is an artificial charm, a painted-on face. He never does or says anything without purpose. He is also being cuckolded by his wife, Aiko. Yujiro does not know about this – his brilliant skills at reading and manipulating those around him have never been extended to his own life, and he simply assumes that his wife is as honorable and dutiful as he is.