Isawa Masahiro

Karo and Courtier

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Dramatis Personae


Masahiro is Toshi’s karo(chancellor), and helps keep the castle running smoothly, as well as serving as a liaison between his daimyo and the Isawa family. He is in his late twenties, good-looking but a bit plump, and wears his hair long and tied back into a loose ponytail, Crane-style. (He is trained in the Doji Courtier school, rather than in a Phoenix school.) His wife, Isawa Sukimi, is a pretty but small and mousy woman, shugenja-trained, who follows after him and reinforces whatever he is trying to say or do. Masahiro is a loyal and true servant of both his daimyo and the Isawa family, and will push the Isawa agenda (peace, reconciliation, and honor) relentlessly. Lacking his daimyo’s character fl aws, and better-trained in the courtly arts, he will also know when to back off and change the subject. He is quite adept, in fact, at finding conversational topics which appeal to his audience. Most PCs should fi nd him a pleasant and engaging man.