Kitsuki Kumiko

Dragon Clan Shugenja from the Tamori Shugenja School

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Dramatis Personae


  • Height: 5’1”
  • Weight: 123
  • Hair: Dark Chocolate Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Skin: Fair
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 15
  • Homeland: Dragon Clan Territory
  • Caste: Shugenja
  • Schools Attended: Tamori Shugenja School
  • Residence: Kinenkan Province
  • Known friends: Kitsuki Haru (brother)
  • Known Enemies:
  • Honor: X.X
  • Status: 3.0
  • Glory: X.X
  • Back Mon: Dragon Mon
  • Front Right(guides the sword): Tamori Shugenja School
  • Front Left(closest to the heart): Family Mon


Blood of Osano-Wo


Driven When faced with a particular challenge pertaining to figuring out a mystery, Kumiko often rises to the task of uncovering the truth, doing almost whatever it takes to get to the bottom of things

1. What clan do you belong to?

A: The Dragon Clan

2. What family do you belong to?

A: Kitsuki

3. Are you a bushi, a shugenja or a courtier?

A: Shugenja

4. How would others describe your appearance?

A: Lithe and graceful, often clad in a deep emerald kimono. My hair is a darker brown, not exactly black but close and usually styled up with a comb or two. My brother would often joke that I am so small I might blow away in the wind however I am much stronger than I appear.

5. What is your primary motivation?

A: To do honor to my family and my clan however possible. I enjoy learning new things and discovering truths and hope to use what knowledge I gain to achieve the honor I seek for my family and clan.

6. Who is the person you trust most in the world?

A: My older brother Kitsuki Haru. He is 3 years my senior and has always looked out for me and made sure that no harm comes my way. He is protective of me and understands that I am a sensitive soul.

7. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

A: My greatest strength is that I am true to my word. My greatest weakness is my sensitivity to others, which can sometimes lead to inner turmoil when trusted with precarious secret secrets of a grave nature.

8. What do you think of Bushido?


9. What is your opinion of your clan?


10. Are you married? (Or arranged to be married?)

A: I know not the ways of love, however my family seeks my betrothal.

11. Do you have any prejudices?

A: I carry no prejudices until I have a reason to be prejudiced towards a person. All will be judged by their individual actions and motivations. Just because of a tumult with another clan does not mean that I should be rude to them all because one man is dishonorable.

12. To whom do you owe the most loyalty?

A: My family, for they are my strength when I am weak.

13. What are your favorite and least favorite things?

A: My most favorite things are meditation, hot springs, and the smell of cherry blossoms. I disdain strong smells that are the result of uncleanliness and such.

14. Do you have any recurring mannerisms?

A: When deep in thought, I tend to pace if able. Otherwise, I tap my feet gently. When under a lot of duress I wring my hands to relieve the anxiety.

15. What about your emotions?

A: As stated before I am quite sensitive. I am very perceptive like much of my family and can sometimes sense a bit more than others, thus I can also sometimes react a bit more strongly, though not always outwardly.

16. How would you handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?


17. How would your parents describe you?

A: My parents would describe me as one with an insatiable mind. I always want to learn new things and further my knowledge and wisdom.

18. What is your highest ambition?


19. How religious are you?


20. How will you die?

A: I will die however my destiny sees fit. I only hope that my death is one that is honorable, and that I have a way to impart some of my knowledge before I go.

Kitsuki Kumiko

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