Kuni Taru

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Dramatis Personae


  • Height: 5’7”
  • Weight: 133lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Yellowish/Brownish
  • Skin: Fair
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Homeland: Crab Lands
  • Caste: Samurai(Shugenja)
  • Schools Attended: Kuni Shugenja School
  • Residence: Crab Lands
  • Known friends: Kukita Isamu, Matsu Hotaru
  • Known Enemies: None… yet
  • Honor: 3.5
  • Status: 3.0
  • Glory: 1.0
  • Back Mon: Crab Clan
  • Front Right(guides the sword): Kuni Family
  • Front Left(closest to the heart): Kuni Family


Elemental Blessing:(Earth) You are much beloved by the kami of a particular element, although you know not why that might be. As a result, the cost of increasing the Traits associated with one particular Ring, chosen when this Advantage is purchased, is decreased by 1. For example, if you choose Earth when you purchase this Advantage, the cost of increasing Stamina and Willpower is reduced by 1 Experience Point every time you increase them. Void may not be chosen for this Advantage. pg. 148

Chosen by the Oracles:(Earth) For reasons beyond your understanding, you have caught the notice of one of the Oracles, humans suffused with the divine power of the Elemental Dragons. You must select one Ring when you take this Advantage. You gain a bonus of +1k1 to the total of all Ring Rolls using that Ring. pg. 147


Antisocial: You find the presence of others uncomfortable, so much so that it is immediately obvious to those around you. Your preference for solitude causes you to behave in a manner that might best be described as rude. If you take the 2 point version of this Disadvantage, you suffer a penalty of -1k0 to all Social Skill Rolls. For 4 points, the penalty is -1k1. This Disadvantage is worth 1 additional point to Crab characters. pg.156

Cursed by the Realm (Gaki-Do): The influence of the spirit realms can be felt throughout the mortal realm of Ningen-do, and for whatever reason, the essence of one realm in particular has marked you as a foe of all that emanate from that realm. This Disadvantage is worth 5 points to shugenja characters. Gaki-do: The hungry dead crave your life essence above all others. All gaki and other hungry dead will attack you before any other available target, no matter the cost. pg. 158


1. What clan do you belong to?

A: My clan? Crab…

2. What family do you belong to?

A: Kuni

3. Are you a bushi, a shugenja or a courtier?

A: I have been said to be a good shugenja

4. How would others describe your appearance?

A: Athletic enough, Black hair, yellow eyes. I heard some people say I don’t look as unkempt as others from my clan, though I think that is because I don’t walk around in full battle gear as my kin the Hida family does.

Kuni taru regular facemask

5. What is your primary motivation?

A: I never really thought about it before. I mean I know I wanted to be a witch hunter but with my parents being Shugenja, and the fact that I showed exceptional abilities in doing so I was to follow my families footsteps. Though now that I have completed my training as a shugenja and now that I am an adult I will probably seek out a witch hunter master.

6. Who is the person you trust most in the world?

A: My father or my mother… I really could not decide.

7. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

A: Natural talent for my connections to the spirits… and my weakness… I’m horrible in social situations. I get along enough with friends and family but put me before the emporer and I will probably faint.

8. What do you think of Bushido?

A: Bushido is important for all samurai. I prefer Duty over all the other tenets but I may be biased myself for once you serve on the wall for any period of time you come understand what it truly means. The ones I’m not too fond of would be sincerity and courtesy. Sincerity because sometimes you have to say things that can’t always be honest and courtesy because giving respect towards friend and foe alike is too much trouble, best thing you can do is try.

9. What is your opinion of your clan?

A: My opinion of my fellow crabs? We are proud of our duty. Others might say a bit too proud but I don’t listen to those people.

10. Are you married? (Or arranged to be married?)

A: No I am not married… but I have only just recently became a man, who knows what will happen when I return home.

11. Do you have any prejudices?

A: I mean sure I’m not too happy with some of the clans but for the most part no real hate from me and plus we all serve our purpose right?

12. To whom do you owe the most loyalty?

A: My father, Kuni Shin and my sensei.

13. What are your favorite and least favorite things?

A: I still have my first Kabuki paints kit from when I was a kid. My mother gave it to me as gift. I used it a couple of times as a kid so most of the ink is gone but the brushes and case are still in relatively decent conditions. I leave it at home when I am away so it does not get damaged.

And the other thing, the least favorite, that would have to be people looking down on me. Sure I am used it but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

14. Do you have any recurring mannerisms?

A: Fidgeting in nervous situations. Easy to see me trying to avoid anybody when in a large social gathering. Also I tend to rub my thumb and index finger together a decent amount, and even though I have been told I do this I still don’t always remember doing so.

15. What about your emotions?

A: What of them? I have them like everyone else does… oh you mean what are my strongest emotions right? Well… I would say my big 3 are happiness, pride, and anxiety. Happiness because everyone likes to be happy. Pride for when I feel like I have accomplished what I need to or pride for my clan. Anxiety… sigh, this happens when I get too nervous and start breaking etiquette. Lucky enough for me people expect for a member of the crab family to be this way so most don’t mind me.

16. How would you handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?

A: I have no subordinates and if I did, well I suppose if it were their first offense then I would just tell them to try harder next time. If it happened again, well then they are to get a week on the wall.

17. How would your parents describe you?

A: Aloof sometimes, talented(a bit), a good person in general.

18. What is your highest ambition?

A: I have 3 real goals in life, 1. To learn more than what my sensei has taught me. 2. To defeat a strong Oni. 3. To pass on my knowledge to students. Yeah I know generic, if you don’t like the answer then you shouldn’t have asked.

19. How religious are you?

A: Your kidding me right? I mean look at me, I’m a shugenja… what do you think?

20. How will you die?

A: Hopefully not an embarrasing death. If it was my choice it would be against a creature from the shadowlands in an epic fight to the death with us both killing each other off with our final blows. Though he would die first, I would mutter some words that get remembered in history.

Kuni Taru

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