Mirumoto Rai

Disgruntled Dragon Bushi

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Dramatis Personae


This young Dragon bushi is a chui (lieutenant) in the armies of the Dragon Clan. He is slim and spare-featured, handsome in a clean and precise way. His dark eyes flash often with emotion, and he finds it difficult to endure the talk of courtiers for long – Rai is a man of war, not of the courts. He does, however, have artistic talent – like many Dragon, Rai is a “samurai poet” and often composes haiku in his head while practicing sword kata. He is here unwillingly. The Dragon received invitations to this tournament along with everyone else, and it was Rai who drew the duty of attending. He has been instructed to sabotage any Isawa diplomatic efforts. However, soon after his arrival, the presence of Doji Aiko will disastrously distract him from his duties.