Shiba Reikun

Embittered Military Officer

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Dramatis Personae


Reikun is a cold, hard-faced man in his mid-twenties, muscular and swift, with a white, ridged katana scar on the outside of one arm. He will be polite but distant to most people from outside his clan, and coldly hostile to Dragons (but without stepping over the bounds of etiquette). Reikun is a taisa (captain) in the Phoenix army, and was invited here because he has always been an obedient servant of the Isawa. However, that has changed.

His younger brother Tokaro, with whom he had a kharmic tie, was killed in a border skirmish with the Dragon last summer. Now Reikun is a man fi lled with bitterness and cold, festering hatred, a hatred turned as much against his own clan as against the Dragon – Reikun is furious that the Isawa and Asako are seeking peace when he believes they should be seeking vengeance and victory. If they had suffered losses like his, perhaps they would understand…. He will normally not reveal any of his true feelings to PCs, but if some of them also seem hostile to the Dragon Clan, he may express a little of the truth – at least about the death of his brother.