Utaku Amaterasu

Utaku Battle Maiden of Clan Unicorn

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Dramatis Personae


  • Height: 5’6
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Fair
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Homeland: Shiro Utaku Shojo (u9)
  • Caste: Samurai (Bushi)
  • Schools Attended: Utaku Battle Maiden, Keshiki Bushi school of the Blind
  • Residence: Shiro Utaku Shojo
  • Known friends:
  • Known Enemies:
  • Honor: 6.4
  • Status: 3.0
  • Glory: 1.1
  • Back Mon: Unicorn Clan symbol
  • Front Right(guides the sword): Utaku Battle Maiden School Symbol
  • Front Left(closest to the heart): Utaku Family symbol


(1) explanation if needed or desired


Barren (8) unable to bear children. (is unaware)

Fascination (1) Travel

blind (6)

phobia (1) Gaijin

1. What clan do you belong to?

A: My roots flow freely with the ebb and sway of clan Unicorn.

2. What family do you belong to?

A: My heart is bound to my Utaku brothers and sisters. I hold My bond with my family and our sacred horses dearest.

3. Are you a bushi, a shugenja or a courtier?

A: My practices are within the bushi tradition. I have honed my skills with the steel ever since I could hold such instruments in my delicate fingers. My skill with a blade rivals my skill with the horses in my family, which I have also known as long as I can remember and even further before.

4. How would others describe your appearance?

A: I have been described by others as vivacious but concentrated; My persona reflected in my translucent ivory skin, velvet sapphire eyes and rolling raven tresses as wild as the spirited young steeds my family raises. I have been told that I contradict myself many times over. Soft, delicate pale skin framed by the ever wind whipped locks of brazen ebony surrounding my softer, quieter features. The same battle of diversity traversing through my core and reflected in my soul.

5. What is your primary motivation?

A: My primary motivation I would have to say is to achieve the highest level of honor and greatness that I can be bestowed. I wish to follow in my ancestor’s footsteps and travel the lands…to see what the less bold and fortuned have escaped and left uncharted. My spirit is as free flowing as the mountain creeks of spring time…my lust for something new and exciting lingering deep within my bones..the bones of my legacy..my family.

6. Who is the person you trust most in the world?

A: My twin brother Utaku Raiden is the other half of my person. He knows me better than I know myself. I trust him with every ounce of my being. We have come a long way in life together and always protect the other from whatever misfortunes may be faced.

7. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

A: A good question in which I am still trying to discover an answer for myself. I am an ever developing individual with a multitude of strengths and weaknesses alike. In this day and age, I presume it to be a matter of time before I am forced into my greatest strength or am faced by my greatest weakness. When that time comes…I will know.

8. What do you think of Bushido?

A: I have been raised to follow the Bushido code and as i’ve grown, it has become, not only a forced tradition and method of training as a young child, but has turned into a way of life. MY way of life and is all I know and follow. While I am not ignorant of the ways of others, I respect the Bushido way and hold it in higher value than any other. That being said, there are some aspects of the tradition that I still, to this day can’t wrap my brain around. But perhaps one day my maturity will settle those confusions.

9. What is your opinion of your clan?

A: My clan is my family. These are the people I have grown to know and love, even those I may be in disagreement with from time to time.

10. Are you married? (Or arranged to be married?)

A: Such arrangements should not be rushed. I am in no hurry to be bound to another individual. My beliefs on this strike nerves among almost anyone I speak to on the matter. I understand the importance in building up one’s family based on power and status; however I don’t believe in it in my personal way of life. I just can not understand having to spend the rest of your living wake bound to an individual who you do not love. I feel that my non traditional thoughts stem from the cultural explorations of my ancestors and the knowledge that what we know and are led to believe here, in this world, is not the only way of life out there. It makes me curious and I want to know more of what new traditions and ways of life lie beyond…

11. Do you have any prejudices?

A: I have an irrational disdain for those who disrespect morals and values. I have no respect for individuals who go against promises or vows that they have made and I do my very best to make people see the wrong that they have done.

12. To whom do you owe the most loyalty?

A: I have the most loyalty to my family and myself.

13. What are your favorite and least favorite things?

A: My favorite things are the silken ebony back of my steed as I ride over the wind whipped planes of Shiro Utaku Shojo under the waning sunlight of a passing day. The silken tendrils of his mane as my wrists become entangled against his neck. The thundering of hoof-beats as we leave the world behind and ride into infinity. The deep breaths of life taken into his broad chest as he surges closer to eternity. Every beat in his feet reflected in that of my heart. My dislikes are those times when I must turn back. Face the inexplicable reality that will always linger in the wake of our travel. For then, I must remember where I must be…not where I desire…

15. What about your emotions?

A: My emotions run high within my being; however I have learned that I must refrain from expressing them at any and all costs. It is a sign of weakness and I must keep my ideals sealed within my soul and respect the traditions that I have grown to learn and respect.

16. How would you handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?

A: Depending on the behavior, I have different views on how they should be dealt with. When the time comes for discipline, it is a matter of deciding the punishment fit for the crime.

17. How would your parents describe you?

A: My parents would describe me as a free spirit. I learn and obey what I must but my mind often wants other choices. I listen and follow what is expected, but often yearn for something else..something…different.

18. What is your highest ambition?

A: My highest ambition is to help develop my clan and build our namesake. I wish to travel the lands in which my ancestors have traveled and learn what they have seen and encountered. I then wish to adapt the ways of the unknown and broaden my skills and horizons as well as bring our culture and ways to others as well. To an extent that is..

19. How religious are you?

A: My religion is my schooling..my family..my horses..my persona and the higher above all rolled into one. I believe in life itself. My life.

20. How will you die?

A: When the time comes..I will know when it has come to meet me.

Below: An artist depiction of Utaku Amaterasu and Kana in the throws of battle:

Below: A portrait of Kana. Utaku Battle steed of Utaku Amaterasu

We are the people of the wind

Utaku Amaterasu

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