Dramatis Personae

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Dramatis Personae


Player Characters:

Kakita Isamu, Crane Clan Bushi from the Kakita Bushi School.

Isamu-san is a direct descendant of Kakita Kenshin and bears the secret shame of his family line. He strives to prove his honor in all situations, though he finds his own efforts as less than adequate. Isamu often finds himself almost overly concerned with his connection to the mysterious ancestor, who has taken particular interest in him. What secrets does Kenshin hold for Isamu?

Letters from Kakita Isamu

Matsu Hotaru, Lion Clan Bushi from the Matsu Beastmaster School.

Hotaru-san is a young Lion Bushi who carries many of the Lion’s traditions and beliefs in her heart. By addressing each tenet of Bushido she feels true Meyo (the Bushido tenet of Honor) and balance are achieved. Against her desires her clan has sought to enter her into an arranged marriage with an unknown Scorpion and she feels that she must do what is expected of her and honor her family by not contesting it. Secretly she is in love with Akodo Takaaki, a brilliant Akodo Tactician. While adventuring she meets others who do not seem to fit the descriptions of the other clans she learned as a child. Are these people truly different, or is it her clan that is unable to move on from past misgivings?

Adventure log of Matsu Hotaru

Letters from Matsu Hotaru

Utaku Amaterasu, Unicorn Clan Bushi from the Utaku Battle Maiden School.

Amaterasu-san is a master of the horse and one of the few proud owners of an Utaku Battle Steed. She has raised the horse as if it was her own child and has developed great compassion. She is slow to trust outsiders unless they seem to share a similar bond as her; almost immediately finding an ally in Matsu Hotaru. She has gained renown as a Samurai Poet, though her spoken word often comes off as blunt. With her upbringing she has strong views that would make her stand out in normal Rokugan society, but she knows that she must be careful not to insult those around her with her opinions. Will her unique outlook brand her an outcast or help her to forge strong alliances?

Adventure log of Utaku Amaterasu

Letters from Utaku Amaterasu

Kuni Taru, Crab Clan Shugenja from the Kuni Shugenja School.

Taru-san is an awkward young Crab. Unfortunately, his parents did not have the holding to send him to the Kuni Witch Hunter School as he desired. His father always told him growing up that his duty to the clan was to be a Shugenja and if he served well he would be rewarded. Taru has now made it his goal to spread the good name of the Crab, as more than just giants who guard the wall. He seeks to bring as many into his small clan as are willing to serve. He hopes to show them that though the Crab may not be the best in court, they are still just as honorable as any other samurai. Will Taru’s pure soul become tainted by the world beyond the wall?

Letters from Kuni Taru

Kitsuki Kumiko, Dragon Clan Shugenja from the Tamori Shugenja School.

Adventure log of Kitsuki Kumiko

Letters from Kitsuki Kumiko

Kaiu Dregg Black-Claw.

A foreigner in a strange land.

Letters from Kuni Taru

Reoccurring NPCs: Story Arc NPCs: Visiting an Old Friend, Hotaru-san’s Journey South
  • Akado Takaaki (First Appearance)
  • Kojima the Artisan

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Dramatis Personae

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