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Dramatis Personae



Samurai are always polite, even to bitter enemies. They use family names or clan identity to address strangers, and full names (family and then personal) to address those they know. Only a close friend, family member, or a child can be addressed with the personal name alone. Further, the Rokugani nearly always use formal suffixes when speaking to each other – these show good manners and a proper knowledge of the forms of address. The suffix “-san” is the most widespread and well-known, and is used with any person who is of similar rank and station. The more respectful suffix “-sama” is used when speaking to social superiors, or when speaking to someone of equal rank in a very formal public setting. (Using “-sama” in an inappropriate context, on the other hand, can be highly insulting.) The suffix “-dono” implies both respect for the one addressed and great humility by the speaker, and thus can be used not only for daimyo but also for anyone else who is regarded with high admiration. The suffix “-kun” is typically used only when addressing social inferiors, or when speaking to male children. It can also be used by a woman when she is addressing a man of the same or lower age with whom she is kin or close friends. Finally, the suffix “-chan” is normally used for children, but can also be used for young women in a casual or affectionate manner (such as addressing a sister or classmate, for example).


Actions XP Earned Bonus XP
Attending the Game 1
Role Playing Well 1
In Game accomplishments 1-2
Effectively Role Playing your disadventage(s) 1
Posting an Adventure Log, Letter, or Player Art 1

In addition, players that are active on Obsidian Portal will get rewards that will not be available anywhere else. These rewards are called Fortunes and represent the spirits granting you benefits for your hard work. I will take care of the HTML need for the pages just be sure to send me a notice when you add some to Obsidian Portal. (Thanks StephenWollett of Star Trek Late Night for the idea.)

Activity Fortunes Awarded Examples
Any OP Activity 1 Includes NPC updates(1) along with a log posting after your 1st entry for Bonus XP
Moderate OP Activity 2 Include the above, plus making various wiki entries
Exceptional OP Activity 3 Include the above, plus helping with HTML formating(2)

1 For spouses, kids and other player created NPC this will only be awarded after you have filled in the whole character page.

2 See nuRegret for help with this as it is a lot of format.

Using Fortunes

Fortunes may be traded in at any time during game play on the character’s action.

Spend one Fortune to perform any of the following:

  • Cause another character or NPC to critically fail a skill.
  • Cause another character or NPC to critically succeed a skill.
  • Negate one disadvantage until the end of a scene.
  • Free Raise
  • Target recovers 2 Void Points
  • GM hint/suggestion (especially useful when thinking of gifts or how to word them)
  • Target may spend as many Void Points as they want/have per turn until end of scene. (Normally limited to 1 per turn)

Spend two Fortunes to gain the following bonus:

  • Target survives with one life point when something happens that kills them.
  • Gain an access to an otherwise restricted court or area.

Spend five Fortunes to gain a loyal follower or ally, this person may or may not adventure with you depending on the request. All followers start with low skill in their fields and can be improved with an additional five Fortunes. This shows that you have spent some of your good fortune to improve the lives of your followers (This also grants you higher loyalty from them). Allies cannot be improved as they are targets of their own fortune (though you can help them in Role Play)

Example of followers:
  • Doctor
  • Messenger
  • Spy
  • Chronicler
  • Lover/Geisha
  • Eta
  • Craftsman
  • Official
  • One Elite Guard
  • Five Inexperienced Guards for property
Example of allies, allies can come from any clan and can be past NPC’s encountered if you desire:
  • Bushi
  • Shugenja
  • Courtier
  • Monk


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