Three Feet from Death

The Lion's Cry

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Dramatis Personae


The Lion’s Cry is what the Twenty-eighth day of the Month of the Dog year 1170 was called. The event happened during the Bon Festival in Crossroads Castle and Tonfajutsen [L3].


The newly appointed Emerald Magistrates where sent to Crossroads Castle to investigate a possible coup from a sect of the Lion Clan and the Spider Clan that were practicing Maho, or blood magics.


The investigation was broken down into hour increments to fully disclose the events of the day.


  • Akodo Handen, Akodo Takaaki’s uncle and guardian
  • Akodo Saori, Akodo Handen’s wife
  • Kaiu Sensin, Matsu Hataru’s Father
  • Bayushi Ejiro, Scorpion Clan Courtier
  • Kakita Kenshin, Ancestor of Kakita Isamu
  • Akodo Takaaki, Lion Clan Bushi

Ghosts n’ Stuff

Hotaru arrived earlier than the rest of the party at 8am and visited with her family, after being lectured for her disdain of her arranged marriage she left her house hold and soon found Bayushi Ejiro who acted surprised to see her again. She questioned him for his reasons on being in Crossroads Castle let alone Lion lands. He responded with a simple answer of Clan business has brought him here. They have an extended conversation where Hotaru learns that Ejiro is a black sheep of his clan and seems to be very honorable.

The rest of the group arrives at Crossraods Castle during this time at 10am and arranges to meet with Hotaru at the local in. Once the group is back together they change for the Bon Festival and start their investigations at 11am. While walking around the city the group finds a little girl who is painting lanterns. Amaterasu notices that the girl is coughing blood and draws this to Isamu’s attention since he is trained in the medicinal arts. The girls father refuses treatment and says that she is fine. Amaterasu watched as the little girl placed the hand with blood on the paper lantern she was painting and the blood grew on the lanterns surface until the whole lantern was a deep red after the little girl and her father left. The group then started looking around and realized that the blood lanterns where all over the square. Taru tried to burn the lanterns but all this did was light them causing them to release a taint causing blood cloud. The soon found that cutting the lanterns would destroy them so they along with Ejiro and his Scorpion Clan members cut down the lanterns.

Isamu went after the little girl to stop the blood magic at its source, following her into the Eta Quarter of town. He noticed on his way in that all of the houses had monk protection seals on them and began to suspect the Eta as being the ones behind everything. When he came into the house he found the little girls father bleeding to death and the little girl floating in the air. Isamu and the little girl battled, steel versus maho; ultimately Isamu won and set them home on fire to cleanse it of the Taint.

The rest of the group saw the fire and immediately ran to the Eta Quarter to put out the fire. Handen directed the Lion Clan Troops to dig a trench and keep the fire contained once they had heard Isamu’s story.

Taru went to investigate one of the houses with the protection tag, it was written in an old form of Rokugani dialect and seemed to be a item created by channeling Kiho into the paper. The current practice of making protection tags was by using the persons superstition rather than kiho. The tags themselves actually have no power to protect, these ones did. When place on the door it would bind any exits to that building. Taru removed one of the tags after hearing scratching at the door. Out came hungry dead immediately attacking Taru. the party dispatched of the three ghosts in that house and then realized that every house in the quarter had them on the doors. when the went inside they found one dead body for each ghost that was ripped open as if something had exploded out of their chest cavity. On the roof written in blood was the Old Rokugani word for “fire.” They found similar settings in each house but a new word in each until the discovered a phrase was encoded in all of the houses.

Isamu helped as long as he could but ultimately fell to his injury from the Tournament of the Samurai. He watched as Kenshin went from house to house cleansing them of the ghosts.

The Conn



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