Kakita Manabu Isamu

Crane Clan Bushi from the Kakita Bushi School

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Dramatis Personae


  • Height: 5’9
  • Weight: 132 Lbs
  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Skin: Fair
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Homeland:
  • Caste: Samurai (Bushi)
  • Schools Attended: Kakita Dueling Academy
  • Residence: Tsuma [CN10]
  • Known friends:
  • Known Enemies:
  • Honor: 7.2
  • Status: 4.7
  • Glory: 6.6
  • Back Mon: Kakita Dueling Academy
  • Front Right(guides the sword): Crane Clan
  • Front Left(closest to the heart): Kakita Family


Sacred Weapon (5) Kakita Blade Given to Isamu after becoming an Emerald Magistrate.


Haunted (3) by the spirit of his Ancestor Kakita Kenshin.

Driven (2) to restore his family line’s honor within the clan and find the true to Kakita Kenshin’s story.

Social Disadvantage (3) by the failures of Kakita Kenshin, Kakita Isamu and his family deals with the social repercussions.

Idealistic (2) of the code of the Bushido to govern all things in all persons life Kakita Isamu sees the world in black and white.


1. What clan do you belong to?

A: I belong to the honorable and peaceful Crane that are ready to strike down the foes of the Empire.

2. What family do you belong to?

A: I belong to the ancient honorable line of Kakita himself who married the divinely beautiful Lady Doji.

3. Are you a bushi, a shugenja or a courtier?

A: I wish to be considered a Bushi. I have trained all my life within the Kakita Bushi School in the art of iaijutsu as practiced by my ancestors.

4. How would others describe your appearance?

A: I believe others would describe my appearance with a modest view of themselves added in, as any true artisan knows that part of the artist is translated to the art. That being said, I would hope that they would honor the features that I feel are important. I have long white hair that I keep in a tight braid when I am not training or preforming my various duties, this would be made to a high bun otherwise. I am fairly lean, with a definition to my body that reflexes extensive training for one’s physical peak but I am by no means as big as a Lion. I am usually found wearing my clan’s typical robes, which are long and flowing allowing for ease of movement.

5. What is your primary motivation?

A: My primary motivation is to restore honor to my line, and discover the truth of my ancestors.

6. Who is the person you trust most in the world?

A: The person I trust most would be the Instructor I have at the Kakita Artisan Academy Kakita Takumi-Dono. Here is the painting i keep of him to remind me of both the honor and knowledge he imparted onto me and my ancestors.


7. What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?

A: My greatest strength is my passion to learn the honorable arts of the Kakita. This also is my greatest weakness; you see I tend to become overzealous in that pursuit.

8. What do you think of Bushido?

A: This is a personal thing to all samurai, however my personal view of Bushido is that it is an unwavering view on how we should approach everything we do in life to allow for the most honorable outcome.

9. What is your opinion of your clan?

A: The honorable and ancient Crane Clan is the wisest and most disciplined clan in the empire.

10. Are you married? (Or arranged to be married?)

A: Yes I am married. Her name is Kakita Konishiko. She is orignoly from the Doji clan, though she married down due to great expense of my family to raise our standing, I hope to honor her one day as Kakita honored Lady Doji herself. This is my beautiful wife.


11. Do you have any prejudices?

A: I have a few, the outlanders that slander our lands, ways, and ancestors.

12. To whom do you owe the most loyalty?

A: The Kakita Academy, and my ancestors are the ones to whom I am most loyal.

13. What are your favorite and least favorite things?

A: My favorite thing is when I can take the time to honor my ancestors in peaceful ways such as art. My least favorite thing is dishonoring my soul when I pull my blade in folly.

14. Do you have any recurring mannerisms?

A: My recurring mannerisms are such that I personally do not recognize them, however my Instructors say that I tend to let my hands in my sleeves when i feel too comfortable which makes me vulnerable.

15. What about your emotions?

A: I am truly sorry, but it is not wise for a warrior to talk about his feelings least they be used against him in battle, or court, later.

16. How would you handle a subordinate’s improper behavior?

A: I would handle improper behavior in the same way I was trained. I would explain the mistake, explain possible consequences for such actions, then allow time for reflection and further training so that it does not happen again.

17. How would your parents describe you?

A: My parents would say that I am very driven, but headstrong. I don’t yet understand the politics the Crane employs.

18. What is your highest ambition?

A: My highest ambition is to restore honor to my ancestors, and my direct family line.

19. How religious are you?

A: I do visit various temples, and worship the gods as any good warrior does.

20. How will you die?

A: I hope to die in retirement after I have earned the honor for my family and my ancestors.

Kakita Manabu Isamu

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